Friday, March 8, 2013


Has it really been almost a month since our last update?

Apparently it has been a month. We're alive and well and still missing our pets a little, but C is doing much better and the mercury is rising and we're in the home stretch of the school year. Baseball season will be starting soon (my personal favorite) and we have tickets to see The Lumineers in May (we really enjoy their music and attending concerts with One Ordinary Dad is one of my favorite things to do). 

Since our last update:

We celebrated Valentine's Day. B loved going to C's celebration at school and C loved sharing her love for her friends. One Ordinary Dad documented it all since Valentine's Day fell on a Thursday and I was up and at work during all of their "love"ly shenanigans.

We went to the northeast corner of the state over President's Day weekend. One Ordinary Dad and I spent a night away in the city, enjoying the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, dinner out, and a music festival (yes, in the middle of winter and yes, some of the venues were outdoors and yes, it was awesome)! Honeybucket was our favorite act of the night. It was also wonderful to sleep for 10 uninterrupted hours while the snow fell outside!

I knitted an infinity scarf-- not bad for my first attempt.

We got to enjoy Fun Fest at C's preschool (a late winter indoor carnival that is their major fundraiser for the year). 
We had a snow day! Finally. The last time I had a full day off of school was when I was pregnant with B. The snow hit us this past Wednesday and today it's pretty much melted. We might even hit 60 by Sunday!

And we finally got confirmation that C is in at the Creative and Performing Arts magnet school! We couldn't be more thrilled as we know it is the perfect place for our sweet C, who loves to dance, draw, sing, and perform. And so it means that the last few days have also been spent filling out oodles of kindergarten paperwork.

Spring is in the air. Easter decorations are out around the house.  And we're headed out to hike tomorrow.
With love and blessings to all of you patient readers out there, 
~One Ordinary Mom