Monday, April 1, 2013

Spring Break

Spring break has come and gone, well at least for this mama. Sweet C has spring break this week.

If I had to compare this spring break to something tangible, I would say it was quite like a roller coaster. Spring break started off cold and with a dusting of snow (a low point for sure). The kids still got to play outside a little. And I got to mess around with my camera (I'm getting a lot more confident at shooting in full manual mode and not using the flash when I can avoid it).

My parents arrived into town on Tuesday (high point). On Wednesday, we spent the day at my Great Aunt's house, one of my favorite spaces in the world, in Kentucky (definitely a high point). Some other family that live close by stopped in and we had a mini-family reunion of sorts-- the big get together is at the beach this summer.

Wednesday also brought the news of the passing of my uncle (lowest point of break). He was a good man. Over 10 years ago he was diagnosed with cancer and not expected to live a year. He beat the odds and spent Easter in Heaven this year.

From there we hit a series of high points. On Thursday, I helped in C's classroom and reaffirmed that I could never teach young kids...but it was fun for 2.5 hours. Sweet C and B got to meet their new cousin that afternoon; she was born on 3/18. C is in love with her and keeps asking when she gets to have a baby sister. No, I am not expecting.

We also went to Jump and Jacks. C went to a birthday party there a week ago and hadn't stopped talking about it since. So we decided to head there Thursday night with my parents.

Friday, C had her Easter Chapel Service at preschool, followed by an egg hunt (I volunteered to help hide the joke, there were like 1000 of them).

Then it was off to our local conservatory for some spring pictures.

The bunny came Saturday evening and left treats, books, crafts, and a few toys. B woke up with a low fever and stayed home from church. It disappeared after a few hours, so we headed to One Ordinary Dad's aunt and uncle's house for Easter dinner.

Last night we hit a low after our streak of good days. Just as I was turning off the light to go to bed, C got out of bed and puked all over the hallway. She continued to get sick every fifteen to thirty minutes or so for the next five hours, before her body finally called it quits. B woke up with the return of his mystery fever (though we think it's molars) and wanted to be held or needed Tylenol in the midst of all of this, so One Ordinary Dad camped out in the bathroom with C until it was safe to move her to the couch, while I took on B and administered Tylenol and snuggles when needed. No one slept much, so I stayed home from work today. C seems to be on the upswing and is keeping crackers and water down with no issues. B's fever is gone, but he's drooling a ton. One Ordinary Dad and I have Clorox-ed the house, washed and changed sheets, drank copious amounts of coffee, put out new toothbrushes, and are looking forward to watching the Reds Opening Day game later this afternoon.

Tomorrow I head back to school. 45 more school days left until summer vacation (definitely a high). One Ordinary Dad has a third interview with a company (yes, he's planning to head back to work if the right job offer comes his way since C will be in kindergarten all day next year) on Wednesday (another high). And it's April...which means yours truly has a birthday right around the corner.

So go away stomach bug, hopefully and prayerfully C is the only victim. And go Redlegs!

~One Ordinary Mom :-)