Friday, November 23, 2012

Christmas Is In The Air

We had a wonderful Thanksgiving and have so much for which we are thankful. My sister and parents were in town (my brother just started a new job, so he didn't come down) for the holiday. That meant some fingernail painting for niece and aunt (C is named after my sister). I'm so thankful for family.
 My aunt and uncle brought my cousin's daughter up from Louisiana with them. I haven't seen my cousin's little girl since she was a toddler. She'll be four in January. C had a blast playing with her. We spent some time at the park downtown the day before Thanksgiving. I'm so thankful C had a playmate for the last couple of days.
 Thanksgiving morning I participated in our city's annual Thanksgiving Day 10K. I haven't run this race in 6 years. To be quite honest, between 2 pregnancies and some health issues, I haven't really run much at all until recently. I was glad and thankful to be out and running in the sunshine again (with 12,000 of my closest friends). Miss C ran the last .2 miles with me. She was so excited to get a finisher's sticker and kept telling everyone all day about how she "ran the marathon."
 After the race we headed to my grandmother's for Thanksgiving "lunch." We went to One Ordinary Dad's parents' house for Thanksgiving "dinner." The kiddos were worn out and definitely slept well last night.  I'm thankful for good rest.
This morning was all about Christmas. Our Elf, Buddy, returned (our Elf on the Shelf). We put up the tree. One Ordinary Dad and C went to Home Depot to get a Black Friday Christmas train on sale (our only Black Friday shopping stop).

 They also came home with a cute little penguin for our yard. I'm not normally one for giant inflatables, but we'll keep this little guy. He's pretty cute and makes me smile.
 We're actually done Christmas shopping (with the exception of about 3 people) and our Christmas cards arrived from Shutterfly a couple of weeks ago. The majority of our presents are wrapped. And by the end of the weekend, all of our decorations should be up. I feel like I'm a little more on the ball this year, but given that this time last year was pretty crappy for me (see this post), it's really not much of a surprise.

I'm looking forward to a December full of relaxing and merry-making. We stocked up on our favorite brew (Great Lakes Christmas Ale). We brought out all the Christmas books and movies to fill our evenings. And our calendar is full of time with family and friends.

And seeing as we have that full calendar and I'm not quite sure how often I'll get to blog, I'll just say it now-- Happy Christmas Season to all of you!

~One Ordinary Mom :-)

And on a totally unrelated note...didn't C's school pictures turn out so cute?

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