Monday, December 31, 2012

Christmas Recap

We are up to our ears in Thomas the Train, Playmobil, puzzles, and books. To say that we were blessed this Christmas would be an understatement.
We spent Christmas Eve with One Ordinary Dad's family. His parents and sister and brother-in-law also joined us Christmas morning, a long with my grandmother and uncle. C and B were spoiled. B got some more Thomas-- I think we have the entire Island of Sodor in our living room. C got more Playmobil. While One Ordinary Dad set up C's Playmobil beach house (her big Santa present) on Christmas Eve, I finished this: 
My girl has been asking me to knit her a blanket for awhile. So one year and thousands of stitches later, she got one. And she won't go to bed without it. It melts my heart. There were also lots of books and puzzles for the kids as well. One Ordinary Dad spoiled me rotten and gave me a real pair of Uggs. I've been wearing the knock-offs for several years and have gone through several pairs. I didn't think the price difference would make that big of a deal (the only time I pay a lot for shoes are for running shoes), but it does. I love them. He also spoiled me with a new watch (the one he got me 8 years ago finally bit the dust) and a sweater I'd been eying at the mall. Thanks to some bargain shopping, One Ordinary Dad now feeds his coffee addiction with a Keurig and thanks to a rebate and some Kohls' cash is also sporting new jeans and sunglasses, which help him pull off the rock star look to go with his electric guitar (a friend's husband was selling his and gave me a great deal-- good things can be had on a tight budget).

A few days after Christmas, we headed four hours northeast to spend time with my family. More Thomas and Playmobil were unwrapped. We played in the snow. C loves the snow, just like me. I think next year we'll have to get her some skiing lessons. We went sledding.  A lot. And I am still sore in places that I didn't know existed. My ski plans were thwarted though. Despite the several inches they've had, only 2 runs were open at the ski resort near my parents. The $40 lift ticket price wasn't worth it for 2 measly hills. We'll try again on our next visit.
 B wasn't as crazy about the snow. Maybe next year.
 We're back home and excited to ring in 2013. C and B are spending a few hours tonight with one of C's old babysitters who babysits kiddos on New Year's Eve to make a little extra money. One Ordinary Dad and I are heading out on a date, but will be picking up the kiddos before the ball drops (and hopefully they'll be fast asleep by then).

Merry Belated Christmas and Happy New Year to you all!

~One Ordinary Mom :-)

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