Sunday, September 16, 2012

Dear Zoo

Dear Zoo,
It was a hot summer here, with most days at 90 or above. I'm not complaining, but it usually meant that we preferred the pool or air-conditioned venues like the museum over you.
 But lately, the weather has been a little cooler, sometimes not getting above 80. This week we even have some days where we won't reach 70. Bring it, fall. Apparently the cool temperature gave everyone the same idea, as the guy at the entrance told us at last count they had 9000 people there. It really didn't feel that crowded though.
 We started off with the train-- a favorite of C and B.
I know he's not smiling above, but B really does like the train. He looked like this before we boarded:
After that, we went to play with the Galapagos Turtles. B couldn't wait to see them and C thought it was cool that they were four years old, just like her.  
A statue near the turtles shows how big they will be-- this is life-size, fully grown! That's a lot of turtle!
We stopped to see a few more favorites on our way to get some ice cream.
The new Cat Canyon is pretty cool. The kids both loved seeing the sleepy Snow Leopard.  
Finally, we headed to see the Lorikeets. Miss C has been a fan of these birds since we took a trip in June 2011 to the Pittsburgh Aviary and three of them landed on her arms. Because these birds don't have a scheduled feeding time, it's hit or miss if they'll actually eat the nectar in your cup. In Pittsburgh, they had special times that they could be fed, which meant they flocked to you. One did land on Mommy's shoulder and hung out on her back for a while. Another one thought B's finger was food. B didn't cry, but was definitely startled.
We missed you, zoo. And I'm sure we'll be back for more fun now that we don't have to sweat walking up and down your hills.

In other news, C starts her first full week of school this week. She's going for a half day, every day this year. Last week she had two partial days, but the full five days starts tomorrow. I still can't believe that next year she'll be in kindergarten.

~One Ordinary Mom

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  1. I love the zoo but we don't have one close. We do have animal kingdom send seaworld but they are too expensive for a pass. Glad you are enjoying fall.


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