Sunday, July 8, 2012

Little Firecrackers

 Last week we packed our bags and took our little firecrackers to Northeast Ohio for a visit with my parents. The "lake effect" weather that keeps them colder in the winter clearly doesn't do anything when the entire Midwest is having a heatwave. I'm not complaining-- yes, it's hot, but it could be worse.
 My parents' town has a fireworks show that they put on every year. It's pretty good. And it's also about 1/4 mile away from my parents' house. One Ordinary Dad stayed back at the house with B, who fell asleep a good hour before the fireworks show was to start. He could watch most of the show from the comfort of my parents' screened-in-porch. C and I headed with my parents, sister, and a few family friends up to the show about 15 minutes before start time. As soon as the fireworks started, C eagerly exclaimed, "This is amazing! I can't believe my life!" You would have thought the girl had never seen fireworks before.
 As the grand finale started going off, it started to POUR down rain. My football-playing cousin carried Miss C back home while we all ran. Once in the dryness of my parents' house, C commented that this was "the wettest I've been ever." It sure was. We were wringing out our clothes.

We spent the rest of our time hanging out, reading (I'm almost finished with The Great Bridge by David McCullough and it's been pretty fascinating-- we'll be in NYC for a wedding in August, so I'm excited to see the bridge again now that I know so much more of the history), grilling, lighting sparklers, blowing bubbles, and just trying to relax (mission accomplished on that one).

Our trip ended with a visit to the local ER. C was getting out of bed Friday morning and either fell or tripped on a Hogwarts Castle toy that belonged to my sister. She didn't yell or cry and her curly hair covered the gash on her forehead, which didn't bleed much at all. About an hour later, she brushed back her hair and my dad noticed the gash. It was fairly wide, so we went to get it checked out. Instead of stitches, they used glue to close the gash. Does anyone else see the irony in that C will have a jagged, lightning-bolt shaped scar just left of center on her forehead? I think she'll appreciate it when she's old enough to read Harry Potter.

Happy Belated 4th to you all!
~One Ordinary Mom

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