Monday, July 2, 2012

Stricker's Grove

Over the weekend we discovered a nice little gem not too far from our home. It was literally in the middle of a cornfield (ahh...the Midwest). I shot the picture below from the train ride.
Stricker's Grove is only open to the public a few days each summer. Mostly, they are a small for-rent facility popular for company picnics. Luckily, One Ordinary Dad's stepdad's company was having their annual picnic there.
There were only a few rides there that the kids could do, but it was enough to keep them entertained. C started off with a boat ride.
Next, she took a spin with Daddy on the elephants. She said they weren't as good as the Dumbo ones in Disneyworld, but she still liked them. I hate to break it to her, but pretty much every amusement park she ever goes to for the rest of her life will pale in comparison to Disney.
It was a hot day-- in the triple digits hot. Luckily, they had free soft-serve (and sno-cones, popcorn, drinks, burgers, etc.).
C fell in love with the Ferris Wheel at another local amusement park last year, so of course we had to ride the one here.
I love my girl!
B was able to ride a little rocket-ride with Sissy. He smiled the entire time!
The company put out buckets of squirt guns to help stay cool as well. My boys enjoyed showing off their guns. Welcome to the gun show!
A train took you around the field, and my "choo-choo" lovin' little man had a blast riding it.
No one was brave enough to tackle the wooden roller-coaster. Even on smooth, metal coasters, I need to take a Dramamine to avoid losing my lunch, and One Ordinary Dad didn't want to ride solo. So we just watched. I'm sure the day is coming when my kids will be fearless and ready to ride everything.
Just before we got so hot we couldn't stand it, we decided to head out of the cornfield and back home. All in all though, it wasn't too bad of a way to spend some time on a summer Saturday.

~One Ordinary Mom


  1. Could I be the first comment? Exciting!

    1. You are! And thanks for making the leap to the new blog with us. :-)


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