Wednesday, August 1, 2012

It's Not Just a Haircut

It's a sign that B is turning into a little boy. It's another step away from babyhood. But we had to do it. He was sporting quite the Jimmy Buffet-ish mullet (rat-tail when wet). So off we went to the barbershop last Friday.
 He hated every minute of it! We went to our local barbershop up the street. They've been a staple of our community for decades. Luckily, his barber was patient. I can see B and One Ordinary Dad walking up to get haircuts here for decades to come. And then probably heading to the comic and card shop afterward to get comic books and baseball cards.
 We did actually go buy B his first pack of baseball cards after his haircut. I know he has no idea what to do with them, but it seemed another appropriate little transition into boyhood. Do boys even collect baseball cards still?
 He looks so grown up! My mama-heart can't take it anymore. Really, it wasn't just a haircut. It was another sign that there is no longer a baby in this house. And to be honest, we're okay with that. We aren't totally sure that our family is complete, but for now we sure are having fun as a family of four.
And let's face it-- whether we decide our family is complete with B or not, he'll always be my baby.

~One Ordinary Mom :-)


  1. Oh, look at that cuteness! I think N will be the same way when we get her hair cut "professionally" for the first time. I've just been doing it!

  2. He's so handsome with his new haircut!

  3. He looks so grown up! And you are right, he definitely is a toddler now and has the haircut to prove it!

  4. Oh, he looks so cute, but I did love those curls. I dread the day I have to cut Kyton's hair. Like you said it is a baby turning into a boy.

  5. Awww, the first haircut!!! While my G has always had a tough time growing hair (she's had 2 haircuts in almost 4 years and *still* only has shoulder-length locks!), C has needed routine haircuts since about 6 months old :(


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