Saturday, August 11, 2012


When I was training to run a marathon (this time six years ago I was just beginning), tapering was what you did as race day drew closer. Basically, you backed off. Your workouts became a little shorter because your body had already done the hard part (in my case, a 20 mile training run) and it was time to coast and take it a little bit easier until it was time to gather at the starting line.

I feel like the last several days have been a sort of tapering for our family.

C completed her swim lessons and we're not making daily treks to the pool.
 The ice cream truck is not coming around nightly.

My reading is becoming slightly more professional in nature, though I'm still enjoying some time for the fun stuff (like my current novel).

We spent a night with my parents before we headed to the wedding last weekend and we took it slow. Normally our trips are hurried and busy. Friday night we enjoyed a steel drum concert on the new green at First and Main. We enjoyed pizza and later ice cream in celebration of Daddy's 30th (which was last Sunday). We basically took it slow.
One Ordinary Dad headed back to our house after the wedding while I stayed with my parents for a few more days. C, B, and I continued the slow pace. We mostly lounged around, enjoying the blessing of some cooler temperatures. We took a few bike rides, visited the local book store and toy store, and watched some more of the Olympics (taking full advantage of my parents' cable, a luxury we don't have at our house). One afternoon, we went to feed the geese at a park near the high school I attended.
The geese loved Miss C and were ready to follow her home if it meant more crackers.
We played at the park a little more and then went home for naps.
C had a mild cold while we visited, so even she was "down" with the whole nap thing each day. A preschooler with a scratchy, hoarse voice is equal parts pathetic and entertaining. She finally decided that her voice "went to Disney World and was on vacation." That girl and her imagination!

I headed back into my classroom yesterday and got more work done than anticipated. So at this point I'm not going back in until I have to be there. I was planning to head in on Monday and possibly Tuesday, but I think I'd rather use those days to relax.

Yes, we are in full on tapering mode here. We maxed out our energy this summer and are slowing down. Our bodies are ready to take on the work and fun of the school year ahead. We're spending our mornings lingering in our pajamas instead of hurriedly dressing to head out on a fun summer adventure; we're spending more afternoons lying around the patio instead of at the pool or the zoo or the museum (though One Ordinary Dad will be taking C and B to the zoo and museum a lot this fall, I'm sure); we're spending more evenings just chilling at the park instead of downtown on the square or out somewhere else. The cooler temperatures we've had lately are a blessing after a hot summer-- even our AC is thankful for the chance to taper, to slow down. We are thankful for all that the summer brought us and are happily beginning to look forward to autumn.

~One Ordinary Mom :-)


  1. its kind of crazy to see your little girl on that same spider apparatus that we played on. Mind-splosion.

    1. I know! It is kind of crazy taking her back to all these places I used to go as a kid. :-)

  2. Summer goes by too fast! Glad you are getting ready!!


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