Saturday, August 25, 2012

The Soundtrack to Our Saturday-- Brought to You By Instagram

 Last Saturday, we kept One Ordinary Dad's record player spinning through most of the day. My handsome hubby has amassed quite a collection of vinyl since I got him a record player for his birthday 3 years ago (or was it 4?). If you follow me on Instagram (I'm booknerdmama), these pictures might look familiar. We started off with Glen Hansard's newest.
 Then we got down to my bluegrass roots with Steve Martin's bluegrass album, The Crow.
 Grace Potter and the Nocturnals were up next. Full disclosure: I kind of have a girl crush on Grace Potter. Not gonna lie.
 One Ordinary Dad LOVES James Taylor, so we had to include him.
 Over the Rhine is a local band named for a neighborhood in our city that is making quite a comeback (OTR used to be the scary place you didn't want to go and now it's one of THE places to be in our city).
 Since we recently saw them in concert, we had to give Mumford and Sons a spin.
 And no Saturday would be complete without some Saturday Looks Good to Me.
 This Saturday has been equally laid back and relaxed. We made pancakes this morning, C read B some books, we went to our favorite toy store to get C a new, more challenging (more pieces) puzzle since her 48 piece puzzles aren't cutting it anymore and are too easy, and now we're off to pillage my in-law's garden since they're out of town and don't want anything that is ripe to go to waste.
 I went back to school this week. I seem to have a good (read, well-behaved) but slightly quirky group of students. I'll take the quirks over behavior issues any day though. One Ordinary Dad is back to his superhero role taking care of our kiddos while I teach. I do love my job and feel blessed to have a job that (most days) makes getting up to do it worthwhile. It makes me appreciate these smiles all the more when I get home and get to see them in person.

Happy Saturday! What's on your soundtrack this weekend?

~One Ordinary Mom

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