Friday, August 31, 2012

Way to Start a Weekend

Today marks the end of my first full week of school. I still really like my students. This year is just...different. It's not that I haven't liked other students this much at the beginning of a year; it's just that all groups of students are different and this group really stands out so far as being just some nice kids.

The transition of Mommy going back to work was a little rough on my own kiddos, who were used to having both of us home for the summer. I think they both got used to getting one parent to themselves, which meant they could do whatever they wanted to do. Now, they have to share Daddy while Mommy is away. One Ordinary Dad and I talked through a few things, mainly about how to give each kid one-on-one time during the day, and the week got progressively better on the home-front. B is teething like a madman, so our sleep earlier this week was awful. Thankfully, he's pretty well sleep-trained and the worst of it seems to be over. When teething has woken him up the last two nights, he's talked himself back to sleep. Unfortunately, I just lay awake listening to his cute babbles and his repetition of all the words he knows and then find myself in major need of coffee in the morning.

So this three-day weekend is all about being together, resting, and restoring. The kids and Daddy started off the weekend by finding this snake at the park right before lunch. C was equally fascinated and frightened. One Ordinary Dad had to hold B back-- lil' man wanted to pick it up and take him home.
I kicked off the weekend with a yoga class. It's taught by my regular Sunday restorative class teacher, but only the last half hour was restorative. The rest of the class was pretty active as we moved through poses at a faster pace. It was nice for a change (my Sunday class is cancelled due to the holiday). After yoga, it was off to the Catholic parish festival up the street. These festivals are big in our neck of the woods-- you can find one just about every weekend from Memorial Day through Labor Day. B loved the sandbox!
 Doesn't he look so big? I feel like he's gone from baby to toddler to little boy over the course of a few weeks.

C played a bunch of the kids' games and of course had to bring home the most annoying toy known to parents-- a recorder. But it makes her happy and she loves to make music.
 They rode the helicopters together. C waved to the people from up in the air, while B sat smiling with his hands at 10 and 2 as the ride spun around. I'm glad he's big enough to enjoy things like this.
 It's supposed to rain the rest of the weekend (thank you, Isaac). So we're planning to stay indoors for most of the next few days. Miss C is growing in her reading abilities by leaps and bounds. She has quite a few sight words, thanks to repeated readings of her favorite books, and can sound out simple words. She also has several books memorized. As a result she reads to B and to us on a daily basis. I'm hoping to soak up a lot of that this weekend.
 May you all have a wonderful weekend too!

~One Ordinary Mom :-)


  1. It sounds like a perfect long weekend plan with the people who mean the most to you.

  2. good luck with the back to school/work transition...I can just feel that coming as the days get shorter here.. your children are beautiful...and what fun pics!!!
    i am your newest follower..pls follow back if you can.
    have a great week!!


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